After studying at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris, Denise “NOUNA” spent some time doing creative work in the business and industrial world before turning to sculpture in 1992.


She then joined the sculptor Myriam Franck’s workshop, where she tried out various styles.


She was sought out by the art trophy creation agency “Artempo” and worked there for a while and discovered new ideas, without abandoning her own creations.


This explains why she has signed several pieces inspired by artistic publicity photos:


  • “shell woman”
  • “perfume woman”
  • “the mouth” the art of silence

She also sculpts academic nudes, but her origins sent her back to a freer way of working, drawing inspiration in particular from primitive art and African art. That is why she decided to sign her works with her middle name: “NOUNA”.

For her, sculpture is the true means of expressing the different strands of her sensitivity.